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Solo travel volunteers

Embrace the adventure of a lifetime with ABV’s supported solo volunteering programs. Create lasting friendships, make a real difference, and explore the world safely under a supportive umbrella. Recommend Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and more. Table of Contents Introduction to ABV and Solo Volunteering Traveling solo can be a thrilling yet daunting endeavor. A Broad View […]

Volunteer Review Nori Kobayakawa in Mongolia Teaching Program

Volunteer in Mongolia

Experience a heartfelt journey of Nori Kobayakawa, who volunteered at the local University in Mongolia. From acclimating to the cultural landscape, contributing diligently to the educational program, to exploring the vast steppes and traditional Mongolian practices, Nori’s narrative encapsulates the essence of altruistic exploration and the fostering of cross-cultural connections in the heart of Ulaanbaatar. […]

Volunteer Review Kristina Ericsson Medical Mission Peru Cusco

Kristina Ericsson’s volunteer experience in Cusco, Peru, was “a wonderful eye-opening experience,” where she engaged in activities like volunteering at a kindergarten and medical/dental clinic, and taking Spanish lessons. Challenges included cold nights due to no central heating and communication barriers. Tips for future volunteers include bringing warm clothing and cash. Kristina praised the local […]