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If you’ve been considering the idea of voluntourism, you’re not alone. It’s a concept that’s been gaining popularity in recent years, offering a way to engage in experiential travel while giving back to host communities. Voluntourism, meaning embarking on trips focused on volunteering and service, offers an enriching, often life-changing experience. However, planning and funding these trips can sometimes present a significant challenge. This article is a dedicated guide that aims to ease this process, allowing potential volunteers to confidently begin their journey towards bringing about positive change worldwide.

Understanding Volunteering Trends

The world of volunteering has seen some significant evolutions in recent years, transforming from a local, often solitary endeavor to a more global and engaged experience. Changes in societal norms, availability of resources, and the rising popularity of certain trends have all played a part in shaping the volunteering landscape as we know it today. There are three key trends to highlight: the substantial reduction in stress levels experienced by volunteers, the rising preference for international travel while volunteering, and the soaring number of individuals participating in international volunteerism.

Reduction in Stress Levels

One of the most intriguing consequences of volunteering is the dramatic reduction in stress levels reported by volunteers. According to a survey conducted by the United Health Group, a staggering 78% of volunteers reported significant decreases in their stress levels. Volunteering offers an important outlet for social interaction, emotional investment, and physical activity – all known stress reducers. This insight suggests that the act of volunteering not only enriches the lives of beneficiaries but also greatly contributes to the mental wellness of the volunteers themselves.

Preference for International Travel

The allure of international travel is not new, but its entwining with volunteering certainly adds an exciting twist. More and more people are becoming “voluntourists” – choosing to use their holiday time to travel and make a positive difference in distant communities. As of 2023, 31% of Americans displayed a greater preference for international travel while volunteering, highlighting an evolution towards a more globalized approach to volunteer work.

International Volunteerism Numbers

Reflecting the growing popularity of “voluntourism”, the number of individuals engaging in international volunteer work has skyrocketed. Between September 2020 and 2021 alone, 23.2% of Americans, or more than 60.7 million people, formally volunteered with organizations outside the United States. This figure not only underscores the increasing interest in international volunteer opportunities but also implies a broader shift towards global collaboration and cross-cultural exchange in the volunteering sector.

In a nutshell, these trends tell a story of a rapidly evolving volunteering landscape that is becoming more global, more collaborative, and more beneficial for the volunteers themselves. It is an exciting time to engage in volunteer work, whether for the pure joy of helping others, the desire to travel and learn about new cultures, or the astounding health benefits volunteering can bring, it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Effective Planning for Your Volunteer Trip

So, you’ve decided to take your love for community service to the next level and embark on a volunteer trip? That’s absolutely fantastic! However, planning such a journey can be a bit daunting, with critical factors ranging from choosing a destination, ensuring top-notch customer service to selecting a place that you’ve never visited before. It’s a thrilling endeavor, and we’re here to help make sure you’re fully prepared.

Choosing a Destination

Choosing the destination is the heart of planning your volunteer trip. In this phase, you’ll consider factors such as safety, cost, local culture, and the type of voluntary work you’re interested in.

Here’s a quick checklist to help you narrow down your choice:

  • Safety first. Always research about the safety conditions of the destination. Looking into the political climate, weather, and health advisories for travelers is important to ensure your stay is as safe as possible.
  • Cost implications. Consider the costs involved in traveling to the destination, the cost of living while there, and how much you’re willing to spend.
  • Cultural considerations. Understanding cultural norms and customs in your chosen destination can be instrumental in ensuring a healthy relationship with locals.
  • Type of volunteer work. Lastly, consider the kind of volunteer work available in the area, whether it aligns with your passions and if you have the skills required for it.

Armed with this information, you can make a meaningful decision about your volunteer destination.

Prioritizing Customer Service

Just as important as the destination is the team organizing the volunteer trip. The fact that almost 1 in 3 consumers are planning a trip with a whopping 26% prioritizing customer service suggests that the quality of service you receive matters a great deal.

Therefore, you need to ensure that the organizers are professional, responsive, and reliable right from initial inquiries through to the completion of your trip. Ask previous volunteers about their experiences to gauge the quality of service you can expect. A good customer service will make your journey smoother and inevitable issues easier to handle.

First-time Destination Preferences

Looking for a little adventure on top of your volunteering? You’re not alone. Research indicates that 75% of travelers prefer to choose a destination they’ve never visited before.

A first-time destination opens you up to the possibility of new experiences and cultures, allowing you to grow personally while making a difference. It broadens your perspective and helps break down stereotypes, enriching your volunteering experience.

Planning your volunteer trip is crucial to ensuring a successful, enriching, and impactful experience. So, take your time. Research thoroughly. Be adventurous. Most importantly, stay passionate about your cause. You are all set to make a substantial difference in the world. Happy volunteering!

Funding Your Volunteer Trip

Fulfilling a longing for adventure, connecting with diverse cultures, adding sparkle to your resume, or perhaps just a desire to give back. Does your heart resonate with these motivations to volunteer overseas? Exhilarating as it sounds, funding your volunteer trip can be a real hiccup, and quite a daunting task to despite sincerity of intentions. But hold on! There’re a myriad of opportunities to gather funds out there. You just need to know where to look and how to appeal.

What if we told you that actions as straightforward as embracing a knack for baking, or even your deep sense of digital literacy, could help pay for that life-changing humanitarian project in Madagascar? Interested to hear more? Certainly! Sit back and absorb as we explore five enthralling strategies for funding your volunteer trip.

1. Get Creative:

Got a knack for painting, stitching, baking, carpentry, or any other crafty activity? Why not turn this into a fundraising activity? Host a garage sale, a bake sale, or an arts and crafts show. What’s more? You share your passion while raising funds for your trip, so it’s a win-win!

2. Crowdfunding:

By now, most of us are accustomed to this internet era’s biggest boon. Platforms like GoFundMe and Kickstarter can serve as excellent tools for presenting your volunteering prospect to a broader global audience. You can engage your friends, family, or even complete strangers with your compelling narrative, and persuade them to aid your volunteer venture.

3. Corporate Sponsorship:

Various businesses, notably those with active corporate social responsibility programs, may be willing to sponsor your volunteer trip. Conjure a well-crafted proposal, outlining the benefits for the business, and make sure to follow up. Seek out companies that are related to your volunteer work for a greater chance of receiving support.

4. Grants and Scholarships:

Believe it or not, numerous organizations offer grants and scholarships specifically for volunteer trips. Look for those appropriate for your desired area of work and apply astutely. Do remember that these might have application deadlines, so plan ahead.

5. Fundraising Events:

Organizing a fundraiser can also be an excellent way to accumulate funds. This can take the form of a charity run, a trivia night, or even a concert. Be imaginative!

Choosing the best approach depends on your resources, connections, and personal skills. But no matter the chosen path, bear in mind that the most compelling requests for support are those that draw a clear and engaging picture of the cause you’re passionate about. Emphasize how your volunteer work will make a difference and why it’s essential. You’ll be boarding that plane for your dream volunteer trip in no time!

“Funding Your Volunteer Trip” isn’t just about pooling money; it’s about rallying a community to support a noble cause. When you share your passion and your cause, people may respond in powerful and surprising ways. Go ahead, take that first step towards making a difference in the world. A thrilling volunteer adventure awaits!

Utilizing the Resources of

Engaging with the virtual world has become a mainstay in our lives and websites like offer a treasure trove of resources to feed your curiosity and thirst for knowledge. This esteemed platform has a gold mine of information, tips, and guidance that lend a hand in exploring new cultures, volunteering opportunities, and even funding your travel.

Unsure where to start? Let’s first talk about Exploring New Cultures. houses a massive directory that delves deep into the heart and soul of various countries. Everything from local customs, food, clothing, and language is discussed. It’s like embarking on a virtual tour from the comfort of your home. One click and you’re already learning about the vibrancy of Latin American festivals or the age-old traditions preserved in the African tribes.

Next in line is Volunteering Opportunities. Whether you want to teach English to children in Nepal, help with wildlife conservation in Costa Rica, or provide healthcare services in Uganda, is your ultimate guide. The comprehensive listings highlight the prerequisites, what to expect, and the significant impact your contributions will make.

You’ll also find ins and outs on nuances like visas, safety, accommodations, and local laws. The added bonus? Real, unfiltered reviews from volunteers who’ve walked the path you’re considering can provide an inside scoop into the realities of the experience.

If it’s Financial Advice you’re after, consider it done. provides practical, actionable tips on how to fund your travel. Besides a round-up of effective fundraising methods, you’ll also find information on scholarships and grants specifically for volunteers. Handy tools and resources aid to budget your voyage with realistic estimates.

Amidst all these insights, does a commendable job keeping all this information up-to-date and reliable. The platform is well-organized, intuitive, and comprehensive, making it your go-to resource for feeding the traveler and volunteer in you.

In essence, is not just a website. It’s your personalised guide, a compass pointing towards meaningful journeys and profound experiences, influencing you to step outside your comfort zone, learn, connect, and contribute to the larger world. With its abundant resources, your journey abroad becomes more of an educational exploration, less of a daunting task.


Volunteering abroad is an act of remarkable generosity, but it doesn’t have to be a monumental task. With a little bit of careful planning, securing the finances, keen understanding of global volunteer trends, you can set out on a journey that is not only personally enriching but also creates a real, tangible difference in communities around the world.

Through A Broader View Volunteers, your desire to provide meaningful change is well supported. With our platform, you are assured to connect with projects that align with your passions, in destinations you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Plus, you get the added benefit of becoming part of a vibrant, compassionate community of international volunteers.

So, when the lure of adventure tugs at your heartstrings, remember that your dream of making a global impact can become a reality. Whether it’s Africa, Asia, Central or South America that calls to you, A Broader View has you covered. Remember, every step you take towards this goal doesn’t just change the world; It also reshapes yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I plan my volunteer trip with confidence?You can plan your volunteer trip with confidence by doing thorough research on the organization, reading reviews and testimonials, checking their accreditation and affiliations, and ensuring transparent communication regarding program details and support.
  2. What factors should I consider when choosing a volunteer organization like choosing a volunteer organization like, consider factors such as their experience and reputation, available volunteer programs and destinations, safety measures and support provided, volunteer testimonials, and the transparency of their funding and expenses.
  3. How can I fund my volunteer trip?There are several ways to fund your volunteer trip, such as personal savings, fundraising events, applying for grants or scholarships, crowdfunding platforms, seeking sponsorship from local businesses, or combining various fundraising methods.
  4. Does provide any financial assistance or fundraising support?Yes, offers various financial assistance options and fundraising support, such as providing guidance on fundraising ideas, offering scholarship opportunities, and allowing volunteers to create personalized fundraising pages to gather donations for their volunteer trip.
  5. What should I do to ensure the transparency of the funding process?To ensure the transparency of the funding process, it is advisable to request a breakdown of program costs and expenses, ask about any additional fees or hidden charges, and make sure that the organization provides regular updates on how the funds are being utilized.

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