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Discover how ABV's Youth Volunteer Programs help foster leadership skills and empower young individuals for a better future. Join today!

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Many young individuals around the world are yearning for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. Youth volunteer programs have become increasingly popular as they provide essential life skills, personal and professional growth, and unique cultural experiences. A Broader View Volunteers (ABV) offers life-changing opportunities for young people to work on sustainable projects in numerous countries worldwide. In this article, we will delve deep into the types of youth volunteer programs with ABV, their benefits, and how to get involved.

Table of Contents

  1. Types of ABV Youth Volunteer Programs
  2. Benefits of Participating in ABV Youth Volunteer Programs
  3. Application Process and Program Requirements
  4. Safety and Support for Volunteers
  5. Success Stories and Testimonials
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
  7. Conclusion

Types of ABV Youth Volunteer Programs

A Broader View Volunteers offers a wide variety of youth volunteer programs to cater to various interests, skills, and goals. Here are some popular options:

International Community Development Projects

  • Education – Teach English, arts, or sports, and help with classroom management.
  • Healthcare – Assist in medical clinics, hospitals, and health awareness campaigns.
  • Conservation – Participate in wildlife, environmental, and natural resource conservation initiatives.
  • Construction – Build and renovate schools, community centers, and other essential structures.

Student Service-Learning Programs

Customized group programs that combine hands-on volunteer work with learning objectives for high school and college students.

Gap Year Volunteering

Long-term volunteer opportunities for young people looking to gain invaluable skills, build their resumes, and enrich their lives.

Benefits of Participating in ABV Youth Volunteer Programs

Participating in a youth volunteer program with A Broader View Volunteers provides numerous personal and professional advantages:

    1. Cultural Exchange: Experience new cultures, languages, and traditions while making a positive impact on local communities.
    2. Meaningful Work: Contribute to sustainable development projects that make a lasting difference in the lives of others.
    3. Life Skills: Develop teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, and communication skills essential for personal and professional growth.
    4. Global Networking: Connect with like-minded individuals and form lifelong friendships with volunteers and locals alike.
    5. Personal Growth: Gain a broader perspective on global issues and foster compassion, empathy, and appreciation for diversity.
    6. Career Boost: Enhance your resume, college applications, and future career prospects with international volunteer experience.

Application Process and Program Requirements

To join an ABV Youth Volunteer Program, follow these simple steps:

      1. Research: Explore the ABV website (https://www.abroaderview.org) to learn about available programs and countries.
      2. Apply: Fill out an online application form, specifying your preferred program, location, and start date.
      3. Interview: Participate in a Skype or phone interview with ABV staff to discuss your skills, interests, and expectations.
      4. Acceptance: Receive an acceptance email detailing your program and travel arrangements, along with a project confirmation invoice.
      5. Prepare: Review your pre-departure information, get travel insurance, visas, and vaccinations, and make travel plans as advised by ABV.
      6. Depart: Travel to your volunteer destination and embark on an unforgettable experience!

Most ABV Youth Volunteer Programs require participants to be at least 17 years old, although some projects may accept younger volunteers with parental consent. Participants are responsible for their travel costs, including airfare, and a program fee, which covers accommodations, meals, airport pick-up, pre-departure support, and in-country orientation.

Safety and Support for Volunteers

A Broader View Volunteers places great emphasis on the safety and wellbeing of its volunteers. All programs are carefully vetted for their safety standards and local support. Here’s how ABV ensures your safety:

      • Pre-departure support: ABV provides extensive pre-departure information, including a detailed country guide, travel tips, and safety advice.
      • In-country orientation: Upon arrival, volunteers undergo an orientation to familiarize themselves with the local customs, language, and safety measures.
      • Accommodations: Volunteers are provided with safe and comfortable accommodations that have been carefully inspected by ABV staff.
      • Local support: A dedicated in-country coordinator works closely with volunteers to address any concerns, solve problems, and ensure a positive experience.
      • Emergency assistance: ABV maintains a 24/7 emergency contact number to provide immediate assistance and support for volunteers in need.

Success Stories and Testimonials

A Broader View Volunteers has been transforming the lives of young volunteers and the communities they serve for over a decade. Here’s what some of the participants have to say about their ABV experience:

Jane, 18, Community Development Volunteer in Nepal: “My time in Nepal was an eye-opening and unforgettable experience. The cultural immersion, meaningful work, and friendships I made truly enriched my life.”
Carlos, 20, Healthcare Volunteer in Uganda: “The hands-on medical experience I gained at the local clinic broadened my perspectives and reaffirmed my passion for pursuing a career in medicine.”
Emily, 19, Wildlife Conservation Volunteer in Costa Rica: “Working alongside dedicated conservationists and witnessing the effects of my efforts on the endangered wildlife was a life-changing experience.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special qualifications to join an ABV Youth Volunteer Program?

Most programs do not require specific qualifications, although some specialized programs, such as medical and healthcare projects, may have additional requirements. Generally, ABV seeks enthusiastic and adaptable volunteers with a strong work ethic and the desire to make a difference.

How long are the volunteer programs?

The duration of ABV Youth Volunteer Programs can vary from one week to several months, depending on the participant’s preferences. Many volunteers choose to extend their stay to maximize their impact and personal growth.

What languages do I need to speak?

English is the primary language of communication for most ABV programs, but learning some basic phrases in the local language can enhance your experience and help you engage better with the community. Language classes and immersion opportunities are often offered as part of the program.

Can I volunteer with a friend or group?

Yes! ABV offers customized group programs and can accommodate friends or family members volunteering together, ensuring a shared and enriching experience.


A Broader View Volunteers offers life-changing opportunities for young individuals to work on sustainable projects in numerous countries. Participating in a youth volunteer program not only allows you to make a meaningful impact on local communities but also broadens your horizons, builds invaluable life skills, and creates lasting memories. By choosing to volunteer with ABV, you will join a supportive and passionate network of international volunteers dedicated to empowering future leaders and fostering global change.

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